Sunday, 5 November 2017

Pen is mightier than the sword

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The man who invented the fountain pen.

Earlier, people used quills as pens. The hollow channel of a quill ( bird's feather) was used as ink reserve, but it required frequent dipping into the inkpot. Early inventors observed the quill an tired to produce a similar effect, with a man made pen that would hold more ink and not require constant dipping into the inkpot. They made a long tin reservoir made of hard rubber;it had a metal 'nib', sticking at the bottom. The oldest known fountain pen which has survived to this date was designed by a Frenchmen, M. Bion around 1702. Peregrin Williamson was the first American to receive the patent for a pen in 1809. John Scheffer received a British patent in 1819 for his half quill, half metal pen that he attempted to mass manufacture. However, all these model were plagued by ink spills and other failure that left them impractical and hard to sell. An American insurance salesman, Lewis Waterman decided to improve over these early models, since he had faced problems in using the pen that was already in the market. He added an air hole in the nip and three grooves inside the feed mechanism.  Waterman patented the first practical fountain pen in 1884. Similarly,  George parker, formerly a telegraphy teacher in Wisconsin, who had taken fountain pen repairing to help support his meagre income, went on to become the largest pen manufacture in the world.

 Funny line's if you lost your pen.

Lost your pen= no pen✒✏
No pen= no notes📝📝
No notes= no study📑📒
No study= fail📜
Fail= no diploma🏬
No diploma= no work🏢
No work= no money💸💸💱
No money= no food🍔🍴
No food = skinny😫
Skinny= ugly🙇
Ugly= no love💑
No love= no marriage👫
No marriage= no children👶
No children= alone👤
Alone= depression🚬🚬
Depression= sickness💉💊
Sickness= death🔫🔪

Good bye friend. 

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