Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Ball of fire

                      BALL OF FIRE

While the solar system orbits the sun, the sun itself is orbiting the centre of our Galaxy, the Milky way. The sun is moving at an orbital speed of 251 kilometer every second. It takes the solar system about 225 to 250 million year to complete one orbit of the Galaxy.

> What Is The Solar Wind?
The solar wind is the stream of particles constantly blowing out from the sun at hundreds of kilometer per second. The Earth is protected from solar wind by its magnetic field, but at the poles the solar wind interacts with Earth's atmosphere to create the aurora borealis or northern lights, and the aurora australis or southern lights.

> How Hot Is The Sun?
The surface at the sun is a phenomenal 5500°C, and would melt absolutely anything. But its core is thousand of times hotter at over 15millon°C!

> How Old Is The Sun?
The sun is a middle aged star. It probably formed about 4.6 billon year ago. It will probably burn for another 5 billon years and then die in blaze so bright that the earth will be scorched right out of existence.

> What Are Sunspots?
Sunspots are dark blotches seen on the

> What Is The Solar Cycle?
The average number of sunspots and
flares seems to reach a maximum every 11 years. Some scientists thinks that
these peaks in the Sun's cycle are linked to stormier weather on Earth.

> What Are Solar Flares?
Flares are eruptions on the Sun's surface that release energy into space with the
power of one million atom bombs for about five minutes. Solar prominence are giant flame like tongues of hot hydrogen that loop up to 32,000 kilometers into spaces.

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