Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Perfact push-up



The push-up is one of the most utilized upper body exercises in the fitness world. While one of the benefits of push-ups is that you don't need anything extra to perform a push-up, there is a piece of exercise equipment that promises to recruit muscles better than the normal push-up.
The Perfect Pushup is just that piece of equipment because it allows for greater range of motion in the exercise because you are elevated from the ground. Thus, you're promised an overall better workout than the traditional push-up.

The Perfect Pushup was created by a former Navy SEAL. With two handles set on top of a circle, an individual can place his or her hands on the handles in an elevated push-up position. It features rotating handles that allow your hands to easily change from one position to another.
For example, you can start with your hands facing your body and easily rotate them to have your palms facing one another without any stress on the wrists. The Perfect Pushup also places less stress on your wrists due to the change in position of your hands.

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