Monday, 30 May 2016

Gym and yoga

           Gym advantages:
Gym workout helps to improve muscle mass and to burn calories quickly. Yoga exercises concentrate more on stretching and maintaining postures.
If you do gym or Yoga continuously for one hour, you will lose more calories in gym workout than Yoga exercises.
To lose weight quickly, gym and exercise is a better option than Yoga.
For youngsters above 18 years of age, gym looks a better option because a good physique can be quickly achieved and maintained by gym workouts.
In physically challenged people, it is easier to do selected gym exercises than Yoga.
        Yoga advantages:
Both Yoga and gym workouts emphasize on patterned and controlled breathing, Yoga helps for a more controlled breathing.
Yoga (and pranayama) helps to improve concentration, while no such benefits can be expected out of gym.
Yoga postures and exercises involve most of the muscles of the body, but in gym, usually the workout is concentrated in specific groups of muscles.
Yoga postures and exercises involve stretching type of exercises, hence Yoga is more suitable for children up to 18 years. as it promotes proper bone growth and overall development.
Women might not like a muscular arm, which tends to develop out of gym.
There are more chances of injury with gym than in yoga.

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